ACE Waterproofing and Basement Solutions (ACE WBS) came onto the waterproofing scene at the end of 2018. I was doing some renovation work around the same time, which eventually led to full-time renovations, and that is when ACE Renovations formed. However, I was fielding several inquiries for waterproofing and foundation repair; and I like waterproofing. In early 2020, ACE Renovations began to transition from renovations projects to full-time waterproofing and foundation repair projects. It was then when the ACE WBS brand was created.

Unlike many of our competitors in the area, we do not have commission-based representatives. Therefore, our clients are not paying for services they do not need and for which they will end up paying more for their services than they should.  


ACE WBS's approach to each project is simple:

  1. Always be transparent about our services, how we work, and the cost for our services and materials.

  2. Determine the client's expectations and then strive to exceed those expectations at all times.  

  3. Do the job right the first time with the best materials in the industry. ACE WBS is one of only two companies in the QCA certified to install the Fortress Invisibeam system.

  4. When the job is finished, clean up and make it look as though we were never there.

We take our time during your free consultation to answer all the questions you might have, and we'll be clear about our services and what you can expect from ACE WBS.


We are a fully insured, bonded, and licensed company providing warranties for all of our services. We also offer financing for all of our services.


Adam Ellis


I grew up in Le Claire and recently returned with my family in tow.  

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family, testing the spiciest sauces I can find, and fishing.

Meet The Crew



Erik enjoys golfing, fishing, and kayaking.  Oh, and spending time with his wife and their kids, Clayton and Gracie.



Whenever possible, John enjoys shooting, fishing (not shooting fish), spicy food, beer, animals, and spending time with his family



Loves working out, fishing and being a father.



AKA Grandpa.  Enjoys spending time with his family and helping others.



ACE's Mechanic. He's the backbone that keeps us running. When he's not wrenching on big rigs, he's maintaining and fixing all of our trucks and equipment to keep us a well-oiled machine. His hobbies also include shooting and trying new and hotter hot sauces. 

New Jake.jpg


Jake stays in shape by drawing, fishing, shooting bows, and longboarding.



Brandon enjoys fishing, hunting, wrenching,

Future Apprentices



She can outdance anyone on Tik Tok, likes pop tarts, doing makeup, and playing with her 3 kittens.



Likes throwing dirt at his brother, helping dad move 2x4s, watching trains, pouting over nothing, and peeing outside.



Likes fishing, playing in the dirt, watching all the Avengers, yelling, “Mom look at this!” while doing random handstands, and peeing outside.