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There are several ways water can find it's way into basements. But two conditions must exist in order for that to occur; pressure and existing cracks in the walls.  

If your gutters are clogged, the rainwater will not flow nicely through the gutters and downspouts. It will begin pouring over the gutter and end up saturating the soil right next to your foundation walls. The soil absorbs the water, and when it cannot hold any more water, it will create pressure on the foundation walls, eventually cracking walls and leaks.

Another way is, simply, too much rain. Think of your yard as a sponge. When the sponge cannot absorb any more moisture, where does that moisture go? The answer is anywhere it can, including the cracks in your foundation and basement walls. The pressure creates an opening or enlarges an existing space; therefore, releasing stress and allowing the water to come in.

ACE Waterproofing and Basement Solutions (ACE WBS) provides a number of solutions to help you stop the leaking

or prevent the leaking before it even has a chance to even get started.


ACE recently began using a system known as Benchmark Wall Profiling.  This software will illustrate for our clients, and the ACE team, the degree to which your basement walls might be bowing.  It might indicate that the bowing is not significant enough to need repair.  On the contrary, it might indicate that is it needed. 

It is a great resource for our clients who need to know the severity of bowing, which will allow them to determine whether or not they can wait to take the next step.

Wall Profiling




ACE installs exterior or interior drain systems.

Drain tile systems are installed at the lowest point of the structure, alongside the footing. We can install the piping system outside the footing (exterior drain tile) or inside the footing tile system.

While they both have their pro's and con's, and they will last for a very long time, most people opt for the interior drain systems because it requires less labor resulting in less cost.  With exterior systems, excavating the soil around the damage is more expensive than breaking through a few inches of concrete.


Bowed Wall


ACE is one of a few stabilization specialists in the area certified to use Fortresses Invisibeam system.

External soil pressure can produce three types of pressure on your walls.  They are

  1. Tipping - at the top

  2. Bowing - at the center of the wall

  3. Shearning - at the bottom of the wall.


The video to the right perfectly illustrates how the systems works, how it is installed, and why it's best it's class.



No crack is the same.  There are  horizontal, verticle, and stair-step cracks, and they are all approached differently.

Horizontal cracks need immediate attention.  They are caused by large amounts of oversaturated soil and water pressure on the outside of your foundation walls.

Verticle cracks are usually the result of soil settlement.

Stair-step cracks are found in basements with concrete block walls.  This type of crack can also be due to soil settlement, the cracking occurs along mortar joints between individual blocks.




We use a number of methods to fix cracks in your basement walls and foundations.

One method is the Grid Stitch solution.  As shown in the video a number of perpendicular cuts are made along the crack, filled with epoxy, then sealed.  Under normal circumstances this can be done in 15 minutes.

Sometimes, an epoxy injection will take care of it.  However, with more severe cracks we might use carbon fiber material to seal the cracks.




Egress windows are a great way to let the light into what is usually a dark area in your home, but here are two types of windows in basements: ventilation windows and egress windows.  And there's quite a difference between the two.

Ventilation windows are what you will find in unfinished basements.  They provide fresh airflow when needed.  On the other hand, egress windows are required in basement bedrooms or any finished areas in the basement.  They must provide an emergency exit for whatever reason may arise.
Egress windows must be installed according to national code. 


To learn more about those codes, see the PDF to the right.

Egress requirements jpg.jpg


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